World Travel 2013-2014, Lost Photos of Toronto City

Whoops. I’d manage to edit all of the photos from Canada (or so I thought), until writing up the blog post I thought “wait a second, there’s a bit of a gap there…”. Sure enough, I’d missed all of the photos from Toronto city itself.

Just a small slip up. So here they are! We only spent the one night in Toronto city, mainly trying to run through the hordes of people swarming for the Toronto International Film Festival. We were a bit confused for a while with everyone at the hostel talking about TIFF – I was starting to think travelling for the past year had left me unable to comprehend current slang.

Fortunately with our confusion settled we spent the following day roaming around the Toronto CN Tower, and heading out onto the islands for a bit of a stroll. After our stroll it was on to tackle the Toronto train system, and my inability to pronounce Canadian towns – but that’s another story…

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