World Travel 2013-2014, Hunting for Squirrels at Toronto Beach

After a bit of headaches trying to get tickets we finally made it to Toronto! Huzzah! Funnily we ended up booking tickets to Bermuda (it had an overnight connection in Toronto after connecting through Winnipeg) which ended up being half the price of tickets to fly to Toronto with the same airline at the same time. Our connecting flight to Bermuda got lost somehow… I guess tickets as well as planes disappear around Bermuda…

So seeing as we weren’t making a trip to Bermuda we got to spend several days with our lovely friends Kathleen and Roger in Toronto. Our first day out and about was in the Toronto beaches area which was very beautiful and relaxing to walk around. We also got to look like the usual tourists chasing after squirrels (they are an oddity for us Australians… no judgement!) as well as have a nice relaxing day with friends.

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