World Travel 2013-2014, Canadian Food

Ah Canadian food. Well, what can I say – it’s very similar to Australian food in regards to chain stores and also having a wide variety of food from different cultures (always awesome). Although there were also some places we ate at which were heavily influenced by America.

In general the food we ate was really good (as always there are a few misses). We had awesome food in Toronto, thanks to our local guides Kathleen and Roger who made sure we had not only a delicious meal but something different each time.

Tim Hortons was also sampled as it had been recommended to us. Sorry Canadians, but I still think Aussie coffee is better (although yours is significantly better than the American coffee I’ve tried); however, the bagel from Tim Hortons was pretty good – I’ll concede that one. The Earl Grey Tea flavoured donut we tried in Vancouver though I think has to take the prize for strangest flavour combination. It didn’t taste bad necessarily… it just tasted… a bit strange… And rose petals on top?

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