World Travel 2013-2014, Gunpowder in Kingston

Our final day in Canada before flying out (very early) the next day was spent in Kingston, Ontario. Kingston is a rather beautiful town with lots of historic buildings. We had a nice day walking around the lake front area of the town attempting to hunt down a rather elusive tower before heading on to take a look at Fort Henry.

Fort Henry (also known as Fort Henry National Historic Site) is located on Point Henry, with the original fort constructed during the War of 1812. It was built to protect the Kingston Royal Naval Dockyard from attack and also monitored maritime traffic. We had a lot of fun there, running around taking a look at the various exhibits as well as watching the explanation and firing of guns from the era that the fort was built.

A lovely way to end our stay in Canada! We’ll have to come back soon and see a bit more of the country.

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