World Travel 2013-2014, Horse Riding in Jamaica

First stop of the cruise! We were off to Falmouth, Jamaica and Takeshi and I had booked in to a horse riding excursion. For the four day stops, we had booked excursions through the cruise company as we had decided that we were going to take a bit of a break from being our own tour guides.

It was an awesome idea. It’s been a very long time since I’ve ridden a horse, so it was fantastic to try it out again. Riding through the water was also great fun so I’d highly recommend giving this a try. Even if you’re completely new to it and never ridden a horse before, all of the horses were beautiful and looked after everyone very well. They looked like they were well looked after too, which was great to see – unfortunately in other places we’ve been to in the world, animals aren’t always so well looked after so it was good to see shiny coats.

Basically our entire day in Jamaica was spent on the tour, so we weren’t able to see much else. We did get a chance to briefly run through the town area and pick up a magnet before jumping back on the ship for the evenings dining and entertainment.

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