World Travel 2013-2014, Floating through the Cayman Islands

Today was a rather relaxing day spent on tour through Georgetown in Grand Cayman. First off was a glass bottom boat, where Takeshi and I entertained ourselves by seeing who could spot the most sting rays (it’s debatable who one that contest). The rest of the days tour was a bit debatable after that – the visit to ‘Hell’ (a rock formation) and Rum Factory weren’t interesting to me, and very touristy spots. Those were the moments where you definitely felt like a walking wallet.

That said, our final stop of the day was pretty good. We finished up at the Turtle Farm, which raises turtles for consumption as well as release back to the wild. It was interesting to get to wander around and learn about the farm, as well as turtles for a while – and we even got to hold a turtle as well! Can’t say I was overly impressed with some of the older ladies on our tour. They seemed to think it was hilarious that they just threw their poor turtles back into the tank rather than return them gently, but I guess some people are just like that which is a shame.

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