World Travel 2013-2014, First Day in Beijing

It was a reasonable flight from Sydney as we were transferred through Chongqing before flying onto Beijing. Once we arrived in Beijing, I can’t say the weather was… all that brilliant. Our tour guide said it was ‘fog’, but it smelt and looked like bad air pollution to me.

After being dropped off at our hotel, we had the rest of the afternoon free to ourselves. Takeshi and I decided to go for a wander (after a nice shower of course) and started walking towards the Temple of Heaven. Fortunately I brought my face mask from Japan with me as it was definitely needed today! After a while we got a bit tired of walking, so we decided to see if we could navigate the subway. Turned out to be a simple process and very cheap (2 yuan a ticket, or around 40 cents AUD).

The Temple of Heaven was rather beautiful. The gardens around the temples and buildings were beautiful to walk through and a nice change from all of the concrete and buildings everywhere else. We were very lucky with our timing (and the subway) to get to the grounds just before sunset so we were able to get photos both during day light, and when the buildings were lit up.

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