World Travel 2013-2014, Speeding through Shanghai

Today was an interesting day. We opted to join the rest of the tour group for an optional day of touring around Shanghai. In the morning we were on the Maglev Train reaching speeds of 400 km which was rather amusing. It was funny to see members of our tour group running around and screaming when the other train passed us at about 300 km an hour – quite a loud sound.

The rest of the day was spent in a rebuilt old district (beautiful buildings, and lots of stores to get food and souvenirs), French Concession (boring) and then finally the Knockoff Market (of no interest to me). Don’t think it was necessarily worth doing the tour for us in the end as a large chunk of the afternoon was spent in two areas which we didn’t have any interest in, but that said we did find an amazing Green Tea Mochi Cake while we were in the rebuilt old area which was AMAZING! The tour was probably worth it for that alone…

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