World Travel 2013-2014, Stinky Tofu in Old Town of Nanxing

Today was a fun day. As our final full day in Shanghai, we decided to head exploring north and try to find the old district called Nanxing on the northern end of the Shanghai subway line. We didn’t have a problem with the subway, but we realised after we arrived at the final station that we didn’t have a map of the Nanxing area and weren’t sure which way we should go.

So we did what we seem to do best in this case. We winged it. Ended up walking one direction to check out what food places were in the local area and with luck on our side ended up spotting a brown tourist sign by accident pointing us the way.

We eventually found the district and it was beautiful! This was probably one of my favourite stops of our trip as we were able to enjoy the beautiful architecture and wander around without any pressure, as well as sample some of the delicious food. Mmm, pork buns – so good!

Oh boy, stinky tofu really STINKS!. I don’t think I ever want to have to smell that again (and certainly wasn’t going to try some after smelling it). It smelt like the carcass of a dead animal to me… The smell hits you in waves…

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