World Travel 2013-2014, Random Statistics from Our Travels

Total time spent on the road:
14 November 2013 – 24 October 2014
About 9 months (not including time spent in Australia)

Continents Visited: 5

Asia, Europe, Africa, North America, Australia

Number of Countries Visited: 30 (including Australia)

Number of Cities / Towns Visited: 85

Countries were we visited the most cities or towns were: Japan (6), South Korea (6) and Turkey (6).

Number of Flights: 38

We flew with 15 different airlines over the year for our 38 flights, and spent nearly 7 days in the air flying (not including time spent in airports… I don’t think we don’t want to know how much time was spent in airports…).

Waiting for our Plane

Waiting for our Plane

Total kilometres flown: 116,204 km (72,205 miles)

That’s roughly three times around the Earth, or a third of the way to the moon.

Number of Night Buses: 12

Number of Night Trains: 5

Malaysia to Singapore, and Tangier to Marrakech in Morocco. They were rather comfortable and a much nicer way to travel than the night bus (you get a bit more sleep, and it’s a lot more comfortable).

Number of times Takeshi was asked if he wanted illegal drugs in Morocco: 10

This was actually rather amusing – we’re not exactly sure why he was such a popular target to ask though. Portugal was definitely the hot spot in terms of total number of times; however, honourable mentions also go to Portugal (9) and Nepal.

Number of cats that thought Jessica’s lap looked pretty comfy in Istanbul: 1 cat, and 2 kittens

Cat patting break, Istanbul, Turkey

Cat patting break, Istanbul, Turkey

Country with the Most Photos Taken: United States (2,872) closely followed by Japan (2,741)

Country with the Least Photos Taken: Switzerland (45)

Country with the Highest Average Photos Per Day Taken: Cayman Islands (492) followed by Singapore (361)

Most Photos Taken in One Day: 755 during a photography tour on Oahu, Hawaii

Total Photos Taken: 30,410

I’ll admit, I had a bit of a problem with taking photos. I thought I’d slow down more after a while, and yes that did happen a bit, but I still took a lot more photos than I anticipated. Would have been better if I had kept up to date with sorting and editing photos while we were on the road a bit better too…

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