Vietnam & Indonesia 2015, Travelling to Ha Long Bay

Today we had a rather long bus ride from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay. Along the way we had the usual tour stop at a pottery factory which was interesting. They could paint the pots with amazing speed!

Once we arrived at Ha Long Bay docks the weather was a bit gloomy but we hopped on our tender and headed out to the boat which would be taking us around the bay (and would be our accommodation for the night). We had a stop during the day at some caves, as well as at a beach area for a bit of swimming. I was feeling rather sick by the time we reached the beach so I opted to stay on dry (or so I thought) land. Takeshi and I headed up the hill to the lookout for a view across Ha Long Bay, and for a few brief minutes we had a nice view… until torrential rain set in.

In the end we headed back down as we couldn’t see anything and the rain was a bit unrelenting. Takeshi still decided on having a swim (why I don’t know considering he was already soaked) and then it was back on the boat for a relaxing evening eating dinner and listening to the thunderstorms.

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