Arriving in the Flinders Ranges

A short break, we decided to head up to the Flinders Ranges and try out some of the accommodation in Wilpena Pound. It was a long drive (about 5 hours or so), and we decided to take the Port route heading through Quorn on the way to Wilpena Pound. While we were in Quorn we managed to arrive just in time to see the historic train which only runs I believe once a month or so.

On arriving in Wilpena Pound and checking into our (rather luxurious) tent we were greeted by some rather curious visitors. The local kangaroos seemed to be very used to having humans nearby and were rather inquisitive of the new guests that had arrived. Our first day was pretty quiet after such a long drive so we just headed out to one of the nearby lookouts for a view of the pound at sunset before calling it a day.

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