Japan 2016, Fireworks in Wakayama

A good day today as we hunted down a firework event not far from Takeshi’s family in Wakayama. A short train ride away from home, there were reasonable crowds and lot of people dressed up for the occasion in yukata’s.

Crowds waiting for Fireworks, Wakayama, Japan

Crowds waiting for Fireworks, Wakayama, Japan

As usual there was a lot of food and game stalls which is always great – highly recommend trying out a few of the different food stalls. A favourite of mine is the egg senbei. The fireworks were amazing – absolutely huge fireworks being set off not that far from the crowds. The firework display went on for about an hour or so with fireworks being set off for several minutes and then short breaks in between sets. The crowd was fantastic as well – even though it was crowded people stayed seated and gave everyone an opportunity to see the fireworks display clearly. Probably a bit harder to find these kind of events if you don’t speak Japanese as it’s not a major festival but well worth attending if you come across one.

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