India & Taiwan 2018, The day it all began in Delhi

Well this is the start of a series of posts that I’ve been avoiding for getting close to a year. Yes, my procrastination ability is that good.

Normally, I would save my thoughts until the wrap up post but there have been good reasons why I’ve been avoiding this. Or at least I think they’re good reasons. Quite frankly, for a reasonable amount of time after this trip I just didn’t want to look at the photos. The trip was stressful, not enjoyable in a number of parts (scary in other parts but that’s another story) and I frankly was extremely glad it was over and didn’t want to review the photos and remember the trip.

So with that all being said, although these posts will be back-dated according to the day they occurred in 2018, these photos weren’t edited and posts weren’t created until early/mid 2019 (because avoidance is a real life skill).

So er, here’s to not forgetting? Righto, day 1 landed in Delhi after a long series of flights from Adelaide to Perth, then onto Abu Dhabi before landing in Delhi (note to self, don’t do that again). First thoughts were wow it’s humid, second thought was where’s our included transport to the hotel (turns out they forgot us, fortunately another group was getting picked up by the same company and their driver sorted out the issue). Once we got into Delhi, the first impression was wow what a smell of chemicals… and other things… Little did I know that this would pale in comparison to what was to come…

We did get to wander around a bit in the afternoon after numerous issues were sorted out (not a great start to the trip, but hey you make the most of it) and prepare ourselves for the start of the 15 day tour which would commence the following day. During our wanderings we found Astha Kunja Park near to our accommodation which is a beautiful park, and the air quality improved significantly when within the park boundaries.

Astha Kunja Park, New Delhi

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