World Travel 2013-2014, Fast Food and Fries in United States

We tried a LOT of different food while we were in the United States. As it was getting towards the end of our year of travelling, we decided to be a bit more generous with our food budget and eat out a bit more. Some of it was great (burgers in New York, Korean food out a food truck in San Francisco), some of it was pretty bad (KFC… blerg).

We made it a bit of a mission to try out several different fast food places, seeing as America is the home of fast food. We tried out IHOP (awesome, highly recommended), KFC (TERRIBLE!), Dennys (seriously overpriced and not great food) as well as the usual ones like Subway and McDonalds (same as Australia).

Would highly recommend using sites like Yelp to help track down good food places. While we were in New York we used Yelp to hunt down restaurants, and we found an amazing cafe and burger place through the site.

Oh, and if you’re ever in Honolulu, Hawaii – try to find a place called Marukame Udon. Incredibly good Japanese food, highly recommended.

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